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Agriculture, Livelihood, Food Security:

FARF works with local experts to support and train farmers in best practices for agricultural success, empower communities through vocational opportunities and training, establish savings groups that enable families to save and borrow money to open a new business or improve their living conditions.


FARF helps to rebuild educational foundations in vulnerable communities through the provision of classrooms, dormitories, school supplies, uniforms, books, and other items essential to creating a valuable learning environment. Specifically, FARF seeks to help children reach their God-given potential through targeted early child interventions in the first nine years of life that bring holistic development and cognitive gains for lifelong success.


FARF works with communities to restore physical health in children and families through training and educational workshops, by providing access to treatment and clean water sources as well as assisting families in implementing preventative measures to keep children healthy and safe. Through the Cascade Group methodology, FARF invites volunteer mothers in communities to receive training on important topics ranging from handwashing to breastfeeding to identifying respiratory illness and speaking kindly to children. Those mother leaders are then equipped to share what they learn with other moms in their community to create a positive ripple effect and empower their own leadership skills.

Risk & Resilience:

Faithful Reserve Foundation's Risk and Resilience approach considers the complex interactions that exist between hazards, vulnerable populations, and the context in which they live, and works to develop integrated strategies to reduce risk and increase resilience so that communities and households are prepared, protected, and able to recover for ongoing transformation.

Disaster Response:

FARF works with local governments, other NGOs, and our exceptional emergency response team to bring restoration and hope to those affected by natural disasters or living amidst violence, war, famine and other crisis situations.


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